Promote your business or event with a promotional video or teaser online.

Aerial Cinematography

Real estate, promotional events, sport events, concerts from bird eye view.

Light and Sound

Sales and rental of professional light and sound equipment. Music productions, DJ and bookings.

Technical Support

Efficient service after sales, event setups and planning.

Our Company

Drones are a hype nowadays
But telling a story by using a drone, can only be done with lots of passion.
And guess what?
That is exactly what we have!
Cinematography will definitely become a mainstream product in the future.

Why Unicorn Projects?

Unicorn Projects offers all media productions with main focus on our drone photography and video and gives you an amazing beautiful view on your company or product, so you can show the bigger picture.

From the sky above

With a team of professionals and tons of experience we provide a product individually tailored to your needs for:

  • Epic trailers
  • Commercials
  • Reporting live
  • Real estate photography
  • Creative tracks in real time

All taken with an insane speed and extreme maneuverability.

Unicorn projects is also specialized in creating your event just the way you want it. We have the creativity and all the tools to give your guests the time of their lives.

Why a unicorn?

We’ve chosen for the symbol of a unicorn, because It’s a special, fairy-like and vulnerable animal. Graciously flying in the sky, it has an amazing view of the world.

Almost like a drone

So, what are you waiting for?

Let the show begin!